Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sharing with strangers to survive.

Grieving again.
We made it all the way to 14 weeks before our little girl had to let go.

This year has been filled with exciting moments.
We found out our first FET was successful. First beta was nearly 400!
  • We were excited - is this really happening?
Second beta more than doubled!
  • I remember crying as I asked the nurse if she really thought our pregnancy might stick? She said, yes
Our RE said we wouldn't need a third! Come back in 2 weeks for 1st US - which looked normal.
Then, our 2nd US was considered 'normal' but we left with a recommendation to have another in 3 weeks.
  • I thought, yeah, they are releasing us to an OB/Midwife - this must mean we are on our way and not in danger of another loss.
We decided not to share any of our excitement with most of our friends or family. We did shared it with one family member and 3 good friends.
  • PTSD of recurring losses - prepped us...

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