Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Wow! Where to begin...?

Huge next step just happened.

I've been licking my wounds from our losses. Then we lost or beloved fur-baby just after Thanksgiving. Hubs and I grieved, wailed for days. She was our everything for 10 whole years and she had a full 16 and a half years of a beautiful life.

This week - we began creating new life...

22 eggs were retrieved
18 were mature
18 fertilized!!!

Now we wait as our 'Posse' (possibilities) chill out on their incubation-vacation.  Sunday, the lab-gods will take a peek and if we are lucky we will have a good number of embies to freeze for our FET in January.
My nurse said we should expect to lose about half of these as they grow and double to 100 cell blasts. Please keep us in your thoughts and fingers crossed that we get a great crew as we head toward the next step in this crazy, out of this world, sci-fi process. :)

I get to share my woo-hoo again to make sure I am no longer hiding 'pregnancy matter' in there.  I think I'm going to pass that test, but we'll see. Those two little twins really wanted to hang on. (and to be honest, I was totally rooting for them)