Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best Roomates Ever

Time is ticking.

Family is in town.
I don't want to see them.
I spoke with my confidant yesterday, I have decided it's not my problems that make me not want to be near them. It's them. They have proven to be a bunch of bullies. They 'say' they think each other would be supportive, but they can't.  They are flawed. It's not part of who they have chosen to be.

It must be difficult to have a life where you cannot empathize with the pain of others.  Or simple?

I have two very wonderful friends who mean more to me than any fear that I have come across in my life so far.  I can turn to either of these people at any point in my happiness or sadness. And they allow me.

They support my journey. They ask for nothing but honesty. And for some reason, they are really the only two people I have ever been able to be completely honest with. I am so grateful for them.

I am additionally grateful that I had the excellent experience of living with both these people during some pretty crazy times in my life.  I adore you two more than anything. THANK YOU!