Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thank You.

Giving gratitude is such a simple act.
Thank you!
That's really all there is to it.
Just turn your head in the direction of that which makes you smile and say
Thank you!
Is the sun shining?
Are the clouds acting as a blanket over your head, keeping things warm for a spell?
Is the rain dancing to the ground creating pools of puddles waiting for you to splash about?
Why not look up and say
Thank you!
Have you had a terrible day?
Been diagnosed with a life changing disease?
Confronted with another BFN that has left you in tears?
Do you feel there is nothing left to be grateful for?
Turn to you friend, blog, religion, family, counselor, pet, plant, bed, a mirror and say
Thank you!
You may be surprised when you realize the quality of the listener you are praising.
We may not be your best friends.
We may not be your preacher.
We may not be your family.
But we are here and we will listen.
We understand frustration, disappointment, giving up, wanting to quit.
Our ears, our eyes, are focused on you.
Our hearts, are with you.
We carry hope for you when you have grown weary.
You are important in this world.
You are doing this 'right'.
You are not too much for me.
Thank you!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Grateful choices

Gorgeous morning, beautiful day.
I stopped a creepy dude who was following me and another woman around the lake.  He was questioned by the police. Nice to get the creeps off the street.
Connected with some online friends. I'm really finding their support invaluable.
As I begin this next phase, I am terrified. But I will hold my head high.
I do do have choices. But I don't have time.
I have chosen to be hopeful.  I know this may mean I will lose myself in tears and jerks of terror.
I have chosen to be hopeful.
I have chosen, for today.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grateful for your feet

Perfect cherry tomatoes hide in your cheeks
Butterfly eyelashes resting on tan marshmallow skin
A smile that touches my heart

    wrap around my waist
       warm my belly
         tucked over my shoulders forever

    fill the syringe
      hold my hope
        and my weakness

    walk me to each appointment
       carry my dread
         lead me forward   

    picks up my days of low
       creates new memories
          reminds me I'm not alone

Stone strong buns
I am grateful for those fabulous feet!
The man who kissed me 19 years ago, today.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grateful For ...

It's getting easier.  The last two weeks have been quite a struggle on many levels, but I am happy to state that I am holding it together!  Others would bitch and moan if they were dealing with what I have to each day.  Every angle of my life has truly fallen apart, and here I stand on both feet. I may cry every day and feel my heart breaking, but I fu@king stand up every morning and face my life. 

I am sure that is more than what most people do.

Yes, I am grateful for being me.